Are you leaving 💰 on the table?

If you’re not responding to leads in real-time, you could be missing out.


of companies don’t respond in the recommended 5 minute timeframe

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How long do your hottest leads wait to hear back from you?

Companies think they’re fast, but our research says otherwise. Most companies don’t respond in 5 minutes, and over half never respond at all.

How long is it taking me?
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Your lead response time could be the difference between closing a deal and saying goodbye to a prospect forever.

Lead response time chart

Maybe you still have forms on your site. Maybe you have chat. Whatever you use, the lesson is the same: the faster you respond, the better your chances of connecting with a prospect. Still, most companies don’t respond in 5 minutes or less.

Are you losing out on leads?

Contacting potential customers within an hour of receiving a query makes you nearly seven times as likely to qualify the lead.

Harvard Business Review

Are you hitting the mark?

“Went from enquiry to sale to fully onboarded with a lead in less than 36 hours. It’s not the big who eats the small. It’s the fast who eat the slow.”

Steve Nathan, CEO

Don’t be in the dark about your lead response time.